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Okay ; Lets keep dis Simple =)/Vamos aponerte clara/o Me llamo
Elissa ;, ;Conocida Por CRAYZ Or Eli
Agosto 16 19xx Which makez me a leo
New York ; ^
? Me gusta Pasar el tiempo Con, Mi Familia&Friendss Aki y en rl,
strawberry ; Money ; Shoppinq ; food; soy sociable.
y me gusta ir de party de vez en cuando
=/ ) RIHANNA,wisin y yandel ; rakim y ken-y; drake ;
Chris Brown; Usher . . . |&| more
sweet but dont mistake my kindness 4 weakness
Soy Una persona down to earth ; Very emotional ;
i dont give Second Chances

Status: SINGLE
If You quiere Saber Any MAs Info Tirame Por El ImvuMensajito .. LOOOLXZ
Bye Bye Now .. Have A Lovely Day :) Hopefully You Realize
Your Wastin Your Time On Doing My Style :O


|•‡•_|[°o.Poem From Me To You .o°]|_•‡•|¬

You don't know me! But what you should know is that being called
a Bitch does not offend me.
Why, you may ask? Here is why? I am a bitch because I will be fucked by whom I want
and not by some sorry ass man who has sold me dreams. And if I let this man fuck me it's because I allowed him to.
I decided to let it happen. He holds no power over me. My decision, My terms, My time!!!!! I am a bitch,because I can
stand alone and you are intimidated by that. Because I can hold my own with men. Because I wont look down,
but carry my head up high. Through adversity, through pain, through tears, through hurt, through darkness.
You don't understand how I can stand strong.You don't understand why I won't crumble. I am a bitch because I will tell you the truth.
Not the truth that you want to hear. But the truth as it is or as I see it. You can't stand looking at me because you will see yourself in a
mirror. A mirror that is a clear reflection of yourself. You can not stand the truth. I live in the truth. I prefer the truth, even if it hurts.
I can deal with pain. Pain is my friend. I am a bitch because I am loyal, I have morals, I have integrity. Because I will not compromise
or negotiate my feelings. My feelings are valid whether you think they are valid or not. it doesn't matter. They are real. They are mine!
Period. You don't have to understand me, You don't have to love me, hate me or care for me. I am me. I am strong
I am unique. I am a precious jewel. I am a Queen. I am a Bitch & You Are Nothing. :o

°l||l°Four Words I Live By °l||l°






Be Who You
Want To Be
Not Who Others
Want To See


No one's heart in this world,burn for you,than you own heart


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