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~S I M O N E.~
Hey there. As you might have noticed, my name's Simone. I have lots of nicknames but you can stick to my name. I don't like people labeling me, I really don't care what stereotype I look like, as long as my fav pair of jeans fits me. My taste in music varies a bit. When I'm alone I sing all day, but since my voice is from hell I don't like doing it with other people in the room. I'm Dutch! I drink socially, but I don't smoke. Not really a drughead but I want to try some stuff. I don't poop. No, I do poop on a regular basis. I like meeting people, I'll be glad to chat or message. I have a crush on anyone speaking with a Scottish accent. And anyone in the Lord of the Rings movies. And I'm not really girly. I like videogames and bite my nails. I like tight pants. Perverts get me creeped out and I can be shy or really spontaneous. It just depends. I'm still in high school. Oh by the way, I'm 17, my IMVU age is wrong because you had to be 14 to register and I was 13. But I registered anyways. What a rebel. You are probably amazed by how badass I am. Not really, I guess. Oh and don't beg for stuff. Stuff includes credits, presents, etc. and don't send chainmail either. Or other spam. Or.. stuff that irritates people. Message me, I love building friendships! xo
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-Simone, female, DOHHH.
Be nice c:

DERP i like trains
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