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Looking For: Friendship

There are some things you need to know about me and the way I operate on chat sites.

1 - Respect me and I will respect you. Trash me or any of my friends, I will drop you faster than Joker escaping from Arkham with Harley's help.

2 - Please be aware that I have a variable work schedule in Real Life and don't always know if I can be online because I may be catching up on sleep.

3 -While I appreciate your offer, don't request for me to be part of your Batman RP. I am (eventually) going to have one of my own going on here. Until then, given the limited amount of time I am able to be here, I'm afraid I just don't have the free time.

4 - If we have not met and talked avi to avi, please don't blindly request me as a friend. If you want to be friends but haven't been able to catch me online, then send me a message. Do not trust that naming your avi after a comic book character is enough incentive for me to accept you, and if you named yourself after a villain, I'm less likely. FAIR WARNING--IF YOU REQUEST ME AS A FRIEND WITHOUT SENDING A MESSAGE TO INTRODUCE YOURSELF, I WILL DELETE YOUR REQUEST. And sending a message that just says "Add me" doesn't count. Introduce yourself to me the same way you would if we were to meet in a chat room and had talked for several minutes. You want to be added? Then tell me why.

5 - Request me as a friend only if you are interested in being friends; there is no need to send me a request if you are never going to PM me or invite me to chat. If our schedules aren't compatible for chatting, well there is nothing to stop you from dropping me a line every now and then to let me know you are still active on Imvu. If I haven't heard from you in 3 months or more, I am likely to drop you. Just a heads up.

6 - Jason Todd is still dead in my book. As Batman himself said at the end of "Under the Red Hood," this changes nothing. My PM feature is open to all, even non-friends, so if you want to try to change my mind with a well-reasoned argument and tell me what value there is to resurrecting Jason after 20 years of having his death actually mean something in Batman's life, I'm willing to listen respectfully. I enjoy good debates, after all, and I will keep an open mind. But if you named your avi Jason Todd and you want to request me as a friend, you should message me first and tell me why I should add you since you are naming yourself after a character who was so despised by Batfans that we voted to kill him off. (Not to mention that he evolved into a cold-blooded killer out for revenge.) I'm not convinced the DCU needed another character in the vein of Huntress, but if you are convinced of that, let's talk about it. Just be aware that naming yourself after him is not enough for me to add you. You're going to have to tell me why you named yourself after a cold-blooded killer. FAIR WARNING--IF YOU REQUEST ME AS A FRIEND WITHOUT DOING THAT, I WILL DELETE YOUR REQUEST. Just giving you a heads up, man.

That's about it. :) If you have made it this far and still want to be friends, send me that message.
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Merman Betta Silver Tail♠ Seashells Necklace/Y/Rustic Waters! Mermaid Trident 1D| Lionfish Fin Tail
~HW~ AQMarine HornsMerman Red TailSea Dragon Skin Tan/Y/Sunset SeaShark Fin Tail Merman
Shark Gills MermanSea DragonHighborn (Woodlands)Highborn v.2 (Woodlands)Edüviel Noble (Green)
Pixie Dragonfly WingsEdüviel LeathersXCLX CPR Angler Jewl/B MXCLX Aqua AnglerJewl/T Mspacer
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Special Someone
BruceWayne has no special someone.

My Skye, my Vivian, my Cyra...not only one of my BEST friends in the world, but everything else I could ask her to be. Friend, Lady, Lover...you are for me. Your loyalty will never be underappreciated.
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You can find me at the Wayne Tower Penthouse - Gotham. Just copy this code and paste it in your browser's address bar. (Make sure the Imvu client is open before you do.)

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