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Public Rooms
(The pictures are active links.)

Now that they are open to all--not just testers--everyone is becoming aware of the Public Rooms. It might not be fully appreciated yet that they are NOT public in the sense that "anything goes". Each room is moderated by its creator. The moderator sets the rules governing the room and is able to ban disruptive users.

I've created a Public Room for older women! I call it AARP Chat: for women (ONLY!) older at heart! LOL! (The picture is a link to the room.) The room is for women interested in quiet conversation geared more towards those over 35 rather than under 20.

AARP Chat is for WOMEN ONLY! Sorry, guys. There are lots of places for men and women to socialize. We both need places to call our own. If you don't understand why, then I'm afraid you're part of the reason.

The Room:

  • A note about the sofas: All small sofas with two pillows have three seats. The middle seat places your right arm on the back of the sofa. It's rather chaste, but, still, if you're the first to sit down, it's best to take the seat on the avatar's left (the right when looking directly at the sofa).
  • Be careful of the hot tub! you'll undoubtedly end up in it while looking for a seat on the sofa. BriAnn was not able to obtain insurance and she has no assets to speak of, so I'm afraid you assume all liability insofar as the hottub is concerned.
  • For those who want only to soak their footsie-tootsles, there are sitting spots along the edge of the hot tub closest to the wall. The trigger to display them is "showseat".
  • The game on the coffee table is Connect4. The aim of the game is to place 4 tokens of the same color in a row, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Unlike the offline version the tokens don't automatically drop to the bottom row, so remember not to place a token in a particular row unless all of the slots directly below it are filled. The command blu1a puts a blue token in the first row of column A; the command red1g puts a red token in slot 1g. There is no reset command. If I'm not there to clone it, everyone will have to leave the room and reenter to reset it.
  • What items would you like to see added to the room? (or removed?)

Stranded In The Storm!!! If you're looking for somewhere to have a secluded chat, this is definitely the place. No need to rush, here. The weather is too severe to leave! If you'd like to make the attempt, the trigger for the blimp is "tour" (without quotation marks).

And in those spare moments when you've got nothing else to do, you might try to Stop That CHICKEN!!!!

The Music:

My music player does NOT start by default. I worried that no one would listen if it didn't, but also, I don't want it to be annoying. If there is any thing about this page that you find interesting, then perhaps you'll enjoy the music, too, and will give a listen.

"Some songs were not meant to be sung...often..."
--Judy Mayhan

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