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At this point i want to say thank you to those people who always send me those dumb chainletters! In conclusion i should have been in love 500 times, unhappy 290 times, and dead 170 times! Also I would have had to pay 500 000€ to facebook, and a new super-virus should have made my hard drive explode 30 times, and all that just because i didnt send those letters to 15 other people! Because of that i will go to hell for sure and my salvation is lost! :-) Send this message to 20 people and you get a bread with liver sausage for free! Go out on the street with that bread, pin it to your forehead and scream louuuuuud:"I am a braindead idiot, because i believe in such trash like "chainmails"! Someone fucked my brain up and that is why i send those messages to other people, because i believe they have the same problem, like me!"- I swear if you dont follow this message and do not send it to 7598 people in 10 seconds, then tomorrow at 6.30 pm a dinosaur will come to you and slap you so hard that not even google is able to find you! <3
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