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Avatar since: 2005-05-04
Age: 34
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"I fall upon the thorns of life! I bleed!"

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Send this message to 20 people, and you will have 20 people who think you're a giant %$#*& for spamming their homepage. You will receive 0 credits and several reports - this really works!!

Just a Few Guidelines for Chatting With Me!

* Please don't ask if I'll add you to MSN/AIM/Yahoo/whatever. Yes, I have other IM services, but no, I will not add you. I only add people I know personally in "real life" - I come on IMVU to use IMVU, not other IMs! This also applies to asking if I have MySpace, Facebook, or similar services.

* Don't ask for a photo of me! Especially don't ask if I have webcam! Especially right off the bat! I consider that to be pretty shallow, or an indication that you're looking for more than just a friendly chat, which I'm not really into. So lay off, OK?

* Please don't beg for items or credits. I pay for my credits, or earn them through product sales, I don't get them for free any more than you do. I do give gifts to people who I think are cool, but don't even try to take advantage of my generosity.

* Do not flame me about my nationality, race, spiritual beliefs, sexual orientation, or really anything in general. I am fine with agreeing to disagree or having an intelligent debate, but any flamers will immediately be ditched.

* Please try to use coherent English! I can't understand chat-speak where half the vowels are missing, or mixed up words. I'm not going to be anal about grammar and such on an IM, but I'd like to be able to understand what you're saying!

* Leave chain messages or SPAM on my page, and you can consider yourself reported. Chain messages don't work: you won't get any credits, you'll just annoy the heck out of people. Don't do it.

* I may be on friends only or do not disturb mode, or I may busy doing other things. Just because I don't accept a chat request, don't take it personally. I'm probably just engaged at the moment!

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I don't come on IMVU often, when I do I'd love to talk! ( :
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Looking For: Friendship
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