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WELCOME to my home!-- I hope you are comfortable! My name is Marjean, and this is actually the second account that I own. Originally, this account was made with the intention of selling modest & elegant products, and maybe I still will, when the time is right. In the mean time... Ah, IMVU- a wonderful place, but occasionally it accidentally brings along stress! Elsewhere, I am a Moderator of Roleplay Groups, which is a challenge in itself. While I can be myself with my (other account), I like to escape to this one, where I find respite from the RP crowds, LOL.

Speaking of being myself: Although it may take time to trust others enough with my real name, I am who I say I am. I am:Roman Catholic, socially conservative, Filipino, and happily seeing somone:) . I am creative, organized, disorganized (:P), feminine (not feminist), outgoing. But, also, I am very sensitive, very soft, with the tendency to fall into depression- but I am also resilient, for the reasons that make me fall into depression force me to look ahead. I have lived in the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, and 4 American states:). I currently reside in NJ, USA.

I love a good story (Tolkien especially), I love a good talk, and I love a good musical. I love to ballroom dance and LINE dance, even if I'm a klutz! I love Country and PIano (soothing, jazz, "New Age"), and I love to dream big...but not for money, never. In r/l I am currently working hard to finish my college studies well, and am saving up for a summer away from my home state.

If you respect that I am not looking for a relationship OR for sex, IM me!! Come visit my Lounge and Bar too; as you can see I am a proud owner of two (in my opinion) awesome establishments that are fairly new! But whether in either, or one-on-one, would love to chat!!:)

A big THANK YOU to:

Background picture is "Rosa Indica vulgaris" by painter (Pierre-Joseph Redouté) in the understanding that copyright of such photograph has passed.

Relationship Status: Single
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I love meeting new people! Come talk to me! But, please, NO chain messages and NO asking for credits, or you'll likely be reported! I also ask for common courtesy when you and I meet...PLEASE do not leave w/o saying a word, and at least say hello and an apology for your mistake,etc. It is, simply put, rude, even if you find I don't fit what you are looking for. Thanks, and again- feel free to hit me up in live chat! :)

Come visit with me on Second Life, too, and see what I'm doing!

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