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"Happy as Always"

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Welcome,,to my page. If my stickers look to be all over the place in random, its because I've set them up for myself.
Enjoy your stay!

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Special Someone
My best, my only, my true, my friend, my
confident, I will be here for you until the end of the world, I promise to treat you as an equal and with respect, to choose you over anyone else, even if your not in the right, to always be happy for you even when you annoy the tar out of me. I promise to whine only in private about anything you do and to always stand with you, unbendable, in public, so no one will ever tear us apart.
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youtube tv-v- Serena White V1! CLASSY GOLD HEELSXan.Greek goddess~A~Greek Goddess Red G
Cleopatra Hair(XWP)Turqouise Egyptiann: pretty green eyesn: romance quartzn: pretty sunflower eyes
n: wild eye make upn: white line and lashesAntique Book Shelves!b Brown Bonni!b Black Talina V2
!b Black Joy*P*The Drow Eyes F*Delphispacerspacer
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