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Age: 46

Sex: Female

Relationship: Got a man

Orientation: Straight

Location: Right here

Here For: Nothing

Tony, my Cowboy, my love. I have felt and been made to feel like I am not and will never be good enough for anyone or anything. You have shown me that I am more than good enough for everything. You believe in me and you think that I am perfect for you and I love that. You have shown me that true love and real men aren't just in romance novels, but they really do exist. I know you don't actually have an account here, but if you do see this, just know that I love you ALWAYS.

I have many friends. Some have accounts here and some do not. I love my friends and my family. Many have come and gone and many have come and refused to leave. I am grateful for those who have stayed in my life and have stuck by me through all the good and the bad. I love you all.

And on a personal note, my daddy, though no longer on this earth, will always be my best friend. I love you and miss you like crazy Daddy.

I am not a pro creator, nor am I trying to be. I just like to create things to my own liking. Please be sure to check out my shop. And thank you for your interest and support :)

Please remember to leave a review should you choose to purchase from my shop. Thank you :)
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