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❤Vote Andrew Yang for President 2020!❤
Looking For: Friendship
If you want to be friend, get to know me first. Random adds will get ignored.

Big Brother Wanted

PC users only

NO incest stuff

If interested, either send me a message or stop by my public room.

Don't bother if you're not the type who will put in the time and effort to get to know someone.

If I am online, I'll be in my public room or creating stuff for my shop. Just look at my profile to see my room location.

Looking for partents

PC users only

My avi usually has blonde/white hair and pale skin. So I would like to resemble at least one of the parent. As far as eye color goes, I can have any eye color you wish to have.

My race on here is usually some kind of fanatsy race. Like elf, demon, doll, vampire, angel, chobit, cat girl, and other stuff like that.

I actually struggle trying to be a "normal" human, so if you're looking for someone "normal", I'm not it. lol

My rp ages can be 5 years up to 10 years. If you perfer younger I could do younger but no matter the age, I just don't do baby talk.

I have social anxiety and I do go to therapy every Monday for it. So Mondays, I'm not usually online.

Speaking of availability, I come online pretty often but I log off at 8pm EST.

If you're the type of parents who would like to keep in touch with there RP child off IMVU, then I don't really mind that. However it all depends on the bond.

Very important, I'm not looking for a really big family. As you can see from above, that I am also looking for a big brother. A simple, small family is what a prefer.

I actually don't mind having a twin, if that ever comes up.

I am not looking for just a mom. It's important to me to at least have a dad that is actually there and spends time with the family. Now if it's just a dad or even two days, I am open to that as well.

I am in need of partents who doesn't have trouble keeping in touch in with child. We all have lives outside of IMVU and sometimes that can get in the way. I know this and understand this. All I ask is to leave a message saying what's going on.

I will NOT change my name. Not on pc or on moblie. I can add a last name or some sort of family name on my profile card.

If you're interested or have some questions that wasn't covered above, then send me a message or stop by any room you see my location at.

I don't like rushing into things so, a two week trial is needed. In that two week trail, we are getting to know one another. In no way, am I your child yet. So please don't show me off to your whole family just yet. The point of a trail is to get to know the child and parents and see if it's a good match or not.

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