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I'm creating new products all of the time! If there is something you would like me to make, or would like to see in another color just let me know and I'll do my best to create it!

And pssst.....I *LOVE* when people leave reviews! It makes me SUPER happy! So if you like my products please leave a review so others can know too? Who knows, I might decide to leave you a gift if you do!
*Green Bushes*Beautiful Dahlias*Elegant Pink Roses*Elegant White Roses*Elegant Grand Piano*Elegant Princess Castle
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Hello! My name is Lisa and I am a single mom of 3 beautiful children ages 21, 18 and 4! I am a preschool teacher who loves children! I also love butterflies as you can see as well as the color purple. I collect Care Bears and My Little Pony and have way too many to count. (Over 200 Care Bear items and over 500 My Little Ponies)

I love graphic design and web page design, although my webpages have been down for several years.

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I love receiving gifts! This is mostly just a reminder of things I really like and might want to buy later, but if you are feeling generous, feel free to send something my way. Maybe I'll return the favor some day! And I *really* like poses. If you send me poses I'll be UBER happy!
(Lyd)CutestClubSetIvory leather n lace*S His Valentine(MI) BalysCJ69 Hearts PS
=VisNova Compatible MP=(DJ) SWEETEST SlNS™(DJ) BRATGURLZ™Pink With White Dots(DJ) ADDICTION ANIME™
Cher~ HOT GuyzRed Rose DollPolyPose Mix and Match![ML]fantasybackground I{e}Monique
Lyd^WoodyFlower^Pinky^NL$ Chrome Aini 2spacerspacerspacer
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