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Greetings. Welcome to my humble little homepage, enjoy your experience. Or don't. Your perception, your interpretation, after all.

I could very well try to be nice and warm, or I can expose my inner cold heartless demeanor. I could be someone you may very well get along with, or I may very well be someone you dislike, hate, and totally despise. You may very well grow to like me or even love me. But you may grow to dread me instead. I have been known to be cold and heartless at times, as I've been pushed and abused to that point. Some might even say I display sociopathic or sadistic behaviors of sorts. I do not really care what my overall image and reputation is to other people, as being popular has never been a big concern of mine. I've tried to display empathy and positive emotions, tried to love others, but sometimes it always seems to come back and bite me in this ass. I have my own set of moral ethics and codes and beliefs, and I will disagree with what some people believe at times if they decide to force me to take their point of view. I try to be tolerant, but sometimes I have no patience for those who chose to be stupidly ignorant. Even if I am an idiot myself. I am now starting to run out of valuable things to say, and I tire of typing. I suppose you could ask more questions on your own initiative, that is assuming you care to do so, if I have even managed to catch ones attention long enough to keep you reading at this point. And that concludes what I have to say on the matter, although it is rather vague. I thank you for taking the time to read this. For what it's worth.

Oh love... Love... love... love. What a complicated subject. I don't know. I'd like to think I know what love is, what it feels like. But I honestly don't know at this point. Maybe I have felt love. Maybe I've never have felt love. Maybe I've only known lust and infatuation. Maybe I am totally capable of such a concept. Or maybe I am totally incapable of it. it's been such a painful experience. My love given away to another. Used up and betrayed. A betrayal of my trust. Or maybe I am just a pathetic little monster devoid of such a thing. And such betrayal I've rightly earned. I don't know. I'm hurting, I am really hurting. I don't know if it is something worth continuing to pursue. I want to be optimistic. To be hopeful. But I'm tired. So I wonder. Just why even bother continuing such endeavor? Maybe one, maybe you could change my mind. But I doubt it. I highly doubt you could. I thank you, my love. You've shattered me. You've broken me again....

Well, what exactly is a friend to you? Define "friend". Am I worthy of such an honor from you?

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