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Giving up? Never ever.!! ; )
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Lieb euch alle echt ganz doll und iha seid ALLE in meinem <3 drinne!! *-*

Davii bist mia immanoch wichtig. Is egal ob wia zam sin oda nich, wia sin imma friends!!! x33

Rouvii*-* aldah bisd meine lieblings kollegin xP neeh joke. Lip dich doch au x33

Maiin Vanyy-Schazzii *-*!!! BFFE ^___^ duuh & deeebbiii & ich = ✖______✖!!! xDD Liiieep disch ganz dolle!! x33

Debiiiiiiiii-Mauzii!!! BFFE ^___^ Vanyy && duuh && iich wia sin die besstenn!!! xFF Liiieep disch au ganz dolle!! x33

Angiii Tochdaaah!! Bisd soow süzhüüzz!! :* und bisdd mia ans <3 gewachsn!! Liipp disch!!!

Nataaaa!!! Tochdaahh x333!! Bissdd voll liep un sweet!! Bisdd mia mega wichtigg!! Liep diich!! x33

Alööcc!! xP bissd manchmal echt crazy un so aba muss man akzeptieren...Liip dich ganz doll!! x33

Lariii!!! Süzzeh liep dich au un bist meeegaa liep un supaa sweet!! Will dich ned verlieren!! L.D x33!!

Vaniii *____* duh bissd au mega nedd un süzzh!!! Liip dich x33

MAAIINN ROXIII!!! Duh bissd mia soow wichtig!! Hilfst mia imma wenn ich probleme hab!!! Duuh biissd echt supa un ohne dich wär mein leben nua halb so toll un schöön (hüüpschee!!) -sabba- lieepp dich!!! x33

Ardii!!!! *-* macht imma voll spass mit diah.. bisdd jünga als ich abah soh pervers ejj xDD des gehört zu diia!! liip dich!!! x33

Hannaaaa!!! ^___^ bist imma nedd un is einfach boombeeh mid diiah °v° liieeepp diiicchh!! x33

Gabiii!!! Kleeenneee!!=] bissd sow liip!! Weissu noch?? ::Es war einmal...ein ♥:: xDDD liepp dich echdd dolliiigg x33!!!
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It's not chipped, when I crack Oh we're shattered... ayyy ayyy.. Young Money , Nicki Minaj Your such a Barbie [Nicki] Mariah, I was in the milion dolla meetins he was cheatin All up in the church,he was sneakin with the deacon Cats away,well the mice will play. Lol smiley face have a nicer day. Cuz pop pop pop it goes my rubberband So stop stop stop sniffin that contraband Cuz you was penny pinchin my accounts laced Attention! About face [Mariah] I thought we had something special, we had something good But I should'n let another mechanic under my hood If you see me walking by ya boy, don't you even speak pretend you on a sofa, and I'm on MTV Might see me on a poster, see me at a show But you won't see me for free boy, this ain't no promo [Bridge] No shame now, Wherever you been laying, you can stay now gotta board the BBJ and put the shades down, I'm on the plane now and don't keep calling from yo momma house [Chorus] when I break, I break boy Up out my face boy (up out my face) Up out my face boy (up out my face) Up out my face (up out my face), I break Up out my face boy (up out my face) Up out my face boy (up out my face) Up out my face (up out my face), I break You ain't never gonna feel this thing again(un uh) You gon' get a lot of calls, cause I CCed all your friends(laughter) I ain't walkin' around feeling sad That ain't even my bad baby I break, when I break, I break(Mariaahhhh) So look who's crying now, boo hooo hooo Talking about you're missing your boooo No you ain't gettin it No you ain't hittin it No you ain't a rapper so you need to stop spittin' it Ah ah ha ha ha ha You wonder who I'm messing with when you ain't next to me Ah ah ha ha ha ha So pay......................... You a shame now, Wherever you been layin, you can stay now got to board the BBJ and put the shades down, I'm on the plane now and don't keep callin from yo momma house when I break, I.. [Nicki] Stylin on them big b's Brought the Benz out Elevator press P for the penthouse Hop does and we break like tacos Roscoe's on his knees with the snot nose They be like she next COW-WA-SA-KI T Rex Give him some kleenex Match his little v-necks Oh that's what he left Let his mama pick it up. My back up on it vroom vroom with the pick up truck That blue and yellow yeah that's the Carmello jag I bob and weave em hit em wit that Mayweather jab I get the thumbs up like Im hailin a yellow cab(Mariaaahhhh) My flow nuts like a monuh- in a yellow bag MARIAHHH [CHORUS] And no super glue can fix this sh** Not even a nail w/ a whole lot of gel and crylics can fix this If we were 2 Lego blocks, even the harvard university graduating Class of 2010, couldn't put us back 2gether again When I break boy UP OUT MY FACE BOY {LAUGH} Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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