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HOME - Resonance ✧ Tinashe - Aquarius ✧ Hotel pools & oDDling Parallel ✧ Myah Alanna - Stop ✧ HOME - Before the night ✧ Alison - Passenger

Hi! I have been on IMVU since 2015, my 5 years here will be comming up on june the first. I have done a little bit of everything on here. I was a featured room owner, a community greeter, and a peer reviewer. I also create and do a little art/edits on the side. Currently all I'm doing now is running luxury chatrooms (restricted rooms such as age verification or no guest_). I used to run very public and widely opened chatrooms, but people were very abusive in them & always came back on new accounts after ban. I try to be very careful now who I target my rooms audience for.

IRL I am a barista for the momment, doing school, and trying to get a grip on life. I'm also trying to travel more. My jobs a little hectic irl, but its fun. I live in a very pedestrian friendly town, everythings very close by so I love to walk or bike a lot(:

My interests include: Fantasy, harry potter, LOTR, narnia, magic, wicca, synthwave, traveling, e-girls, seafood, sushi.

if you want to get to know more about me, you can always hop in one of my chatrooms to talk. I dont accept randoms.

Honorable mentions of some of my longest friends on IMVU! Dating back to 2015-2016

Thanks for sticking around!

Always looking for more to!

✧ Updating ✧
My zodiac facts

I'm huge into astrology. Heres how the sky was aligned to each zodiac star signs when I was born

I'm a sun pisces, cusp traits of aquarius, moon leo, ascending scorpio, and MC virgo. You can read my full chart here.

Last Updated: 12.14.2019
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