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Welcome to my page. Names Anne but people call me Appeley. It's just a nickname me and my friends came up with way back in 8th grade and I've just stuck to it. Since it resembles "Apple" alot lol you can call me appletoo lol (Only if you're special) just kidding :3. Anyway, I'm 22 years old. I am currently in college studying to be a nurse! I live in Colorado where the snow is always chilly and the sun is always hidding. I guess I've gotten used to it but I can't help but wonder how long sunny days would be... yeah forget that I think I would never get used to such sunny days. I will most likely end up living here in Colorado when I'm way older. I've been on Imvu from 2006! It was really crappy back then lol. I had a gigantic head with deformed colored eyes haha. My favorite colors are: Pink and Red. Favorite candy/sweets are chocolate covered raisins (I know weird but you know what I was just born that way okay :P! ) and those chocolates that have the cherries inside, they usually sell them around christmas. Every christmas I get one of those boxes (or two) and eat one everyday until Christmas :). It's my tradition, I hope my husband is willing to do this as well lol. Well actually when I think about it... he'll steal my chocolates! O_O! XD. We could just buy 4 boxes then... sounds interesting. Well that will be who knows when! Marrige is way out of my league at the moment. I don't know what else to say.... I will miss you all, especially my dearest friends when I am not online. Remember I am always back on Holidays when I get busy with school because I think that quitting imvu is like breaking the law. Stay safe! -Appeley101 <3
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