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Avatar since: 2006-12-10
Age: 42
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"White belt developer ;D"

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Hi! My name is Anael and this place is my new home!

I'm an illustrator so I love drawing and I've some different styles. ^^ I'm still learning to use the programs for doing items, so... original meshed products will have to wait ;D

My place at DeviantART

Excuse me if you try to chat with me and I don't respond, sometimes I leave the 3D program open when I'm not in the computer.

I've had some problems trying to do a more personal hompepage and ended messing with some codes so I've had to reset them. Bye-bye to the banners of other developers I had in here. -_- I still love others developers, look in my badges to find most of them!

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[AMW] Dawn red black[AMW] Dawn blond pigtail[AMW]Dawn bang black red
[AMW] Wite and Pink Dawn[AMW] Dawn bangs white[AMW] Dawn bangs blonde
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White Albino Orc SkinM+ Long Male HornPlush Rainbow Unicorn*Lu PVC Leather Harness[GW] Tanz-Enchant
[GW] Tanz-DarknessBlues Mono Male skinA* Lyth MWereTiger Headband[B] Pickles Glam red
=EB= Ashen Red EyebrowsMale cat eyesDemonic HornsRed DreijinAlabaster
!i VoidParasomnia Skin!C:. Snake♦ MyLips |S| Originalmm. CryBaby - Clarity
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