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Hello! Welcome to my homepage!
Please note I don't accept random adds from anyone I haven't spoken to.
If you have any questions check out the F.A.Q. tab before PMing me

PLEASE READ THE F.A.Q. TAB BEFORE ASKING ME ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT MY BADGES. d6epum2-9e481901-cd72-4f49-9282-eddf8e20cef2

Commissions / Badges
I currently accept orders and sells premades in my discord server. if you'd like an invite just PM me! Commissions are currently CLOSED

When buying my badges in my catalog you must read the rules in the descriptions.
If you're blacklisted you're not allowed to purchase any of my badges. If you purchase them while on the blacklist you will not get a refund or the badges.


Anyone on this blacklist is not allowed to purchase / receive / gifted any of my art or badges.
This includes any of their alts.

Targos (109089529)
All of Lolli's & Bat's accounts
Vespera (36588542)
Mortala (151515422)
AkumuCitlali (36551502)
MurderFae (246434706)
Paka (226571320)
GhoulIy (49038917)
Rotts (44626104)

If you have any questions feel free to PM me

My Badges
Get this badge Amputation Mask
Get this badge Amputate Morgue Drawer
Get this badge Funeral Parlor
Get this badge I Support Amputate
Get this badge Kiss of Death

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