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No matter who you meet or where you go, you must always try your best to spread and leave positive energy behind. The world is full with negativity, lets try to be one and treat each other with kindness and love. We walk the same path and are both children of this world.

Annyeong! Nice to meet you all. I am Amiare or sometimes goes by Chio. Just your average girl who likes to smile and make each person smiles as well. Big fan of kpop, jpop, thai music, korean dramas, chinese drama, thai drama, BL series. An artist and cafe owner. Wicca!! Proud omma. Love people in general. I am a kid of many cultures! I am a very friendly person, don't be afraid to message me.

My friends are everything. Without them I don't know where I would be mentally and emotionally. Especially my good friends Dia and Alixios.

My heart is for my family, friends, and my babies.
You are a star!!
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