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Age: 35
United States - NC
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Friends are good to have., and stop touching me you noob
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Bitches you want a piece of me COME AND GET IT! I will love to have a little fun today. MAWHAHAHAHAHAHA! I am the sexy bitch from Hell. I love a good torture with a side of blood and raw meat please. HAHAHA. I know I am crazy has hell. I am a protector of my family. My sisters, brothers, Sons, daughters, nieces, grand children and great grandchildren all have my back and I have there's. My friends have my back. Don't get me pissed or you see the end of one of my guns, knifes or swords. if your luck maybe my claws. hahaha. Many people are dear to me (even you silk ;) ) Come on lets listen to music and have fun. Lets party and maybe have some blood to swim in if we are lucky. HAHAHA.
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