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Welcome to my profile. Grab my badges. Check my file sales. Raid my catalog. But please do not be inconsiderate or rude. I hate rude people. I'm a creator, file seller and above all...An adult, so please act like one around me or stay away.

My interests here are: CREATING! Paranormal. Darkness. Vampires. Demons. Ghosts. Writing. Intelligence. Respect. Of course blood and gore.

Please don't come to me with trouble and drama. If you dislike someone, I honestly don't care. I associate with those who respect me, until they break my trust or offend me, I won't believe a word you say about whoever it is you dislike. If you have problems with someone I associate with...Keep it between yourself and them.

I used to be an avid roleplayer but it seems roleplay has turned from fun story telling and gatherings...to sex and avatar triggers, so it has been many years since I've roleplayed. However I still have that same passion for writing and often find myself still searching groups and seeking out like minded people.

I am a creator and a file seller. I engulf myself in projects, textures, banners...anything that has to do with creating. It has been another passion since 2009 that I have not given up and to be quite honest the only reason I still remain here...

Yeah I know this spot is for Love but these things are what I love about IMVU still.

♥Jesse♥My longest time friend on here. Like a little sister at times and other times my enemy. We had been through so much in our IMVU worlds, together and apart. Though there were bad times, I will never forget the good. The friend I made in you could never be replaced. Whether we were roleplaying, creating, dancing or fighting...you were my best friend, my little sister and my rock. We leaned on each other through good and bad, it didn't matter if it was our real lives or IMVU, we were there for each other through thick and thin. I will always appreciate you and everything we have gone through. I love you like a baby sister and that will never change.

♥Tracy♥It's been one hell of a journey. We started out as acquaintances way back when file selling was my passion. It's been a confusing road but you never did give up on me. I could never get you out of my mind no matter what was going on in my rl or my imvu world. You are one of my best friends and so much more even though our worlds are so far apart. I'm so insanely busy but you are still there waiting for the shortest moment we may have together and I appreciate that so much. "There's such a difference between us, and a million miles."...that line from the song always comes to mind when I think about you. You are such a strong and beautiful person, I'm blessed to have you in my world.

I've been here since 2009, before I became a creator I was an avid Roleplayer. Along that journey I met some very amazing people. Among them were three people that had meant so much to me here that even the years apart could not remove them from my mind. These people, without knowing, helped me get through so much real life pain and struggles just by being here, roleplaying and chatting. My real life has changed so much through the years that just being myself and staying a strong friend was hard for me to do. I lost myself not only here but behind the computer. I didn't disappear because I wanted to be a dick I disappeared to get to know myself again....but during that time I lost some very important people that I still miss so dearly. Every memory is so bittersweet. Each time I log in I remember those days when things were so simple and fun here.

♥Draven~"When I lost myself...I lost you...When I lost you...I lost every part of who I had ever been...I could never find myself without you...And without you I have no reason to..."~Desire♥My former roleplay mate and such a great friend. I would lean on you probably more than I should have but here you were my rock. You were the greatest rp partner I could have asked for and the bond our characters had was such a glorious thing. Every time I log in I miss our roleplay and I thank you for being my partner. If I could go back..I wouldn't ever change a thing about our characters story, I would only change my pride and ignorance walking out of it the way that I had done.

♥Sergei♥My greatest villain in roleplay but an amazing friend, even if we couldn't seem to get along for long periods at a time..I miss our chats and roleplay. I remember the sticker I once found, something about "Friend's are like condoms..." I felt protected with you on here to watch over me (even if that isn't exactly what you were doing). I miss you greatly.

♥Eve♥A kind soul with a beautiful heart.It took a bit for us to connect but I believe that was only because you and I were both so much the same, we only opened up with people we trusted...I'm so sorry for breaking yours. You always knew how to make me laugh OOC and IC..even when behind the computer I was a mess.

I miss you all so very much. I shared a bond with the three of you that I had never had with anyone else on here. If I never get to speak with any of you again, know that I will never forget you and that I am so very sorry for all of the anger or pain I have caused, it was never my intention.

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