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**Im open and wonderous and there's music in my ears. I like anything from the Temptations to Outkast to Third eye Blind to Ludacris to Marylin Manson to Garbage to The Spice girls ...yes the Spice girls...I know you liked them along time ago...I like Coldplay and anything thing that truelly is music. Music gives you a feeling. I drive a Red 2004 Honda Civic (With a spoiler...I love my spoiler...) I live in Somerville and I'm 18...I'm about to graduate... and I love Art and writing. My favorite band would have to be Third eye Blind...there really something, you should listen...My hair is Light Brown and my eyes are blue...** I edited my profile with Thomas’ Myspace Editor V3.6! ****Leave a quick Comment****
Who I'd like to meet:
You.... if possible...Although you have to always wonder,laugh,and feel what life really is meant to be, You have to rock hard and love long,You have to make mistakes and generally be a nice guy....It would be nice you you could smile, I'd like for you to write, I'd like for you to be open.... You are 87% Aries
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Hey guys...I just wanted everyone to know that i'm very busy and dont come on IMVU for sometimes months at a time. I really apperciate your purchases and messages. The STICKERS on my page are all ones that i have made. Not to get into a sob story but I am Bipolar and have panic attacks. this has made me unable to hold a job for along time. I really would apperciate if you chose to purchase my stickers or other products to help me out. I hope someday i'll have enough credits to sell for a decent amount of money. As of now i'd only make 15 bucks or so..I try to make my stickers in thought of all of you. I hope you like them ..I also have other great products and lots more stickers..Thanks for all the love.. Lindsay
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