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"Every man has two beasts he battles with, one is Love, and the other is Hate."

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So you wish to know about me. Well let us see. I work in a warehouse but I also do some freelance writing. I've had a few poems published as well as a few short stories, so you can expect to see a few show up here. I love vampire stories and movies as well as werewolf related stories. Unfortunately I feel there aren't very good werewolf movies. I have been called a "Hopeless Romantic" and I guess it's true. But being a romantic guy doesn't seem to have gotten me far, for the ladies don't seem to want a romantic guy who would treat them like the "Queen" they are. Like all humans I do have a "Dark Side" but fortunately I only use it in my stories. The rest about me can be found below.
Body type: 5'11"/Average build
Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
Smoke / Drink: No / Sometimes
Education: Some college but back in again
Occupation: Lowes Warehouse Distro Worker and Freelance writer
Income: Wouldn't You Like to Know lol
Favorite Food: Italian
Favorite Dessert: Ice Cream (any flavor)
Favorite Movie: Inteview with the Vampire
Favorite Book: Too many to list Reading Devil May Cry now
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite TV Show: Hmm Tough One
Hobby: Writing and drawing
What You Look For In a Woman: Personality It's all that matters to me.

Relationship Status: Single
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