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People are gonna stare. Make it worth their while.
Relationship Status: Single

Hi there people :P
Some info about me, please read:

If you don't read this, I'm frankly not that interested :P

SomeoneSpecial is CLOSED, it may open, it may not, but it needs fixing which at this point is being held off indefinitely, sorry guys
Airisu = Sofya = Safyre = Sofehpoo = Sof = Sofya Wya

Friend (the people to your right) addict, you hurt them and you will burn (painfully :3)

Bright color addict

Rainbow addict

I love mah mocha

Trance + Dance + Techno + Rock (:O yes, rock :P) + Russian Pop = happiness

Makeup addict, eyeshadow especially! The brighter the better :P

Pixel credits: Lambs + Hearts - Aiika, my wonderful precious sister; Niiki + Airisu - Made by the amazing Mozzlezz aka Mozzieness :3

Picture credits- CariadLawn

If you're gonna be a besh, or a borscht (*cringe*) or go out of your way to be rude to me, I will block and delete, dude, get a life :P

If YoU tYpE lIkE ThIs or purposely misspell words to look "cool" - it only shows me you enjoy wasting your time to make yourself look brain damaged :O yeah besh, I went there. I'm in college, idc how cool you think you are, when you're at my point of maturity that kind of writing is just so unprofessional and I'm not gonna waste my time reading drivel :P :O Once again, I went there.

Don't be a self obsessed snobby beggar, if you are, you're brain dead to me :O Why don't you spend some time getting a job instead of begging? That might be intelligent ^. ^

I get this so I figure I'd let y'all know. I am not looking for an advertisement. I'm not looking for a guy to tell me how great he is. I'm looking for a guy to show it. I'm not a skinny little IMVU avatar irl, so please, don't call me sexy not knowing ftw I look like irl, if you do, and then call me sexy, well then we're cool ^. ~ Also, do I know you? If not, don't be asking me the frick out, you could be a 102 yr old creepy lardascious stalker whacking off to my avatar. Hello? Eww. >.< The mental imagery has officially forced me to go to the bathroom and barf my guts out. K I'm back. You want a short little breakdown, ok here goes: I'm tired of chasing after people who don't want me, if you want me, chase me, and I promise if I want you back I'll chase you back. :P I'm weird, I'm quirky, I'm moody, but I can offer a lot of randomness and friendship if you take the time to get to know me. I'm not interested in doing anyone for the sake of doing anyone, so don't even frickin ask. Oh and, I guess I should mention the following, I'm bi, on the basis of if I loved someone, and the next day they were like, 100% same, but their gender changed, to me that's a lousy reason to stop loving them. Given that I still lean towards guys XD So um, yeah >.< Um, I think that is all. Questions? Comments? Suggestion? ^. ~ Feel free to drop a comment. Have a lovely day folks
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Devs who pwn! Oh, if your a dev I don't personally know as a friend, I remove banners if you haven't created anything in over a month, it's not to be offensive, this panel is just ginourmous as is, I like to be organized. :P
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