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Lo folks, hows it hangin?
Ok just a quicky in here I think. Its started to plague me just a little!

I DO NOT like cyber sex, don't come thinking your gonna get off on something hot and steamy, what you will get is a slap and drop faster than you can say Wet Fart!

Have a nice day!

a water sign represented by the scorpion, scorpio symbolize intense power and passion. scorpios are forceful, emotional, confident and intuitive. the most intense of the zodiacs, they may also become extremely jealous, obsessive, compulsive and resentful, which at times leads them 2 seek revenge.

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I see you here, all my friends! SerenaStar who introduced me to IMVU. Oh and look, there is my totally fab friend ever! NuNu! I love you!! ;P I'm gunna marry NuNu! She spends so much on me!!! Somoene might wanna commision me a ring!

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