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"Momento Mori. No Fear no Tears, Returning in to the Darkness" No Pain, with out Love. A Biker with H"

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Relationship Status: Married
Looking For: Chatting
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!!! Vampire's Love !!! Side by side, You n Me, defeating them all. Love n Devotion, we will be bonded together. A matched set, in this life or the next. Mates for life, always & forever. Not just budies, but heart n soul mates to, across the fields of darkness. We will Fear no Creature's big or small. ! You & Me ! A pair of Dark Vampires... Love is like a Puzzle: Sometimes it takes a while, till you found the matching part. But then as soon it is found, You are never to give it away!!!. !!!! "Thought for the day" !!!!. When ever you feel that nobody Loves you??? Nobody cares for you??? The whole world is Ignoring you... Every one is Jealous of you??? Then you should realy starting asking your self... Am I to Sexy????... ....The Reapers Kiss... They say my kiss is frightening. But you do want it so. She want's me to swoop and take her, never to let her go. The darkness of my eyes is deep. She cannot help but stare into abyssal spheres, fellowing into my lair. The nocturnal hours are my home, the hours of which she dreams. Even the thought of my face is hidden. She can't see my beauty beam. Starlight's sparkles dimly, while we're flying higher. She strokes my hair grimly... Knowing She Will Die!!!.... I'm neither here nor there. I walk in the mist of the shadows, in Silence. Do not look into my eyes. You will not like what you see, there is no gleam of light, only darkness. The darkness that surrounds my heart. Cold and dark, like the mist in the night, in which i walk. The walls guarding my heart you can't get to, no door to enter, no window to look in to it. You will not see a light at the end of the tunnel. There my heart, will rest quietly in Silence...
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Bend over, and let me show you, How naughty you have been!!!
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