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✄ Faelan Black/Honey[CC] Tiffani Platinum Bl:e sometimes!LOVE Sweatpants:Blk+PnkNatural Small Hands(r)
ⓢ Luka - Rose:e Geneva (cupcake)m// Chocolate cream!E I love summer [ylw]Purple/Black Tank Top
Invisible Avi [F].::40 MODEL POSES(P)::.*C* Fabulous 30 poses{e}Body Gloss*EL*Model_Poses
*SC-La Fleur Dress Red*SC-La Fleur Dress Whitespacerspacerspacer
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United States - TN
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Live with no excuses and love with no regrets <3
Relationship Status: Single
Looking For: Friendship
Hey Everyone. I'm Patricia and I'm 15 years young. I love to have fun and go on IMVU. I like to sing, dance, and the usual thing SHOPPING! My goal on imvu is to become a top model and developer. I have a longs way to go:P
Special Someone
I have known ths person for a long time on IMVU and she has taught me a lot of things. <3 you always

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