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You lost the only thing that made you feel Alive
Relationship Status: Single
Looking For: Relationships
my name is .jaimie. you can waste your time attempting to control me but i will continue to say what i want and make my own decisions, i dont need your unimportant opinions.
dont bother entering my life if you are just going to emotionally destruct me.
i am satisfied to be assured that there is only one person i will ever be confident enough in to trust.
i know that a single picture can explain 1000 words, but the words that create the painting of me, will continue to grow with every breathe i take.
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PanDoRa*GossipGirl grey'S Panda Black~BZ~ Tee Plaid Scene!!A Vogue HiSofitness outfit
PanDoRa*Glam topPanDoRa*Sweet night$EB Hipsters/ Black*c| Pierced[FC]Elegant Lingerie
ANN Sweater Henley BLACK[MAy] Vampirical RomanceC| Simple Life BlkWD:: Hallow's Jacket[SW] Purple Adidas hood
*STFU T-Shirt*WD::Flirt (top)::[MP] Red dressspacerspacer
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