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Welcome to my page. I am a happy go lucky kind of person. I love hard, play hard, work hard. Family is everything to me. Friends are pretty important too. I have a tight circle. Known most of them for 8 plus years. Came from Yo, landed and made awesome memories here in imvu, and if you get to hunting for me, I am also on secondlife by the same name. I have been trying to take over with my hamster mafia, doing the juicy wiggle & the daddy dance. I love to laugh. Simple things mean the most. I have given up on love, I was hurt really bad, and I don't think its healthy for me to bring my crap of the past into something of the future, so, its best if I just stay the single route. Plus, I want real life. Online world is amazing, but I miss the true human touch. Anything else you want to know, just ask.

GO HARD OR GO HOME! ♥YUM♥ ꕥFαmιlγ & Frιεηδsꕥ
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