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WorldWide Spiritual Connection

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Official Academy of IMVU

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Gimp Developers School

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The Wiccan Witches

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Christian Cross Road

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All Religions Come Together

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One Hit Wonders:

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Peace_And_Love Kingdom

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*~ Of The Light ~*

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Transcending Limitations...

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Free Derivations

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The Cystalytes and Friends

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Circle of Fairies

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School of the Magi

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Together We Can Make A Difference

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Kingdom of the Amethyst-Orchid Fairies

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The Pagan Witches

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Land of The Fae Folk

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ASCENTION, God/dess, aliens, ancestors, angels, ascended masters, astral projection, energy, esoteric, healing, intuition, learning, light, love, masculiine/femanine, massage, meditation, polarity, psychic readings, spirit guides, teacher, truth, yin/yan
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