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Believe it when you pray...
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WorldWide Spiritual Connection

2934 posts from 1330 members
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Spiritual Order of Ascension

1494 posts from 215 members
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The Wiccan Witches

1095 posts from 380 members
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Christian Cross Road

7039 posts from 3078 members
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All Religions Come Together

1355 posts from 53 members
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One Hit Wonders:

2808 posts from 189 members
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*~ Of The Light ~*

2340 posts from 173 members
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JUst forgiven in Christ

1963 posts from 349 members
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62 posts from 23 members
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The Cystalytes and Friends

45 posts from 37 members
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Circle of Fairies

265 posts from 376 members
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School of the Magi

54 posts from 32 members
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God Is Love

750 posts from 703 members
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Together We Can Make A Difference

57 posts from 61 members
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Kingdom of the Amethyst-Orchid Fairies

93 posts from 364 members
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IMVU and magic

6 posts from 7 members
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The Universal Healing Realm

7 posts from 3 members
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astral projection, consciousness, teaching, learning, sharing, healing, massage therapy, reiki, Divine, anthropology, the search for truth
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