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i love my mom wildkatcool
Orientation: Straight
Looking For: Friendship
How Long Can You Last In Bed?
Over 60 minutes
Over 60 minutes really know how to work it and keep the heat up for a long time. You probably experiment and tease a lot. Your partner thinks you're a kinky bitch and loves doing it with you. You keep it coming and know how to make it fun. You really know how to pull an all-nighter and make it extra special. You get the caressing, teasing, and experimenting in all in night. It makes you even more irresistible and the sex even more intimate.

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the honryest sex story ever
you are so horny
sexy ass

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wet lesbian sex story
u get too horny
they become horny off of everything

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Another Sex Story
you liked it
you would probably go and try to fuck one of your cousins right now

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Sex Story fo horny girls (long and horny just like ya'll like it)
u really like'd it so hit me up
u really like'd it so hit me up on or hit me up on myyearbook

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Special Someone
I love you so much
love my mom
Which random kitten picture are you
You are:
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Which vampire from the Vampire Chronicles By Anne Rice are you?
You are Akasha. Damn, you are one evil bitch. Akasha is the self-proclaimed Queen of the Damned, and the Mother of all Vampires. She and the her king were created by an evil spirit that flew into their wounded bodies, and made them blood drinkers, though she lives in denial, because she was once worshipped in Egypt. After a 6000 year sleep, Akasha awakened by Lestat, wreaks havoc and hell, and attempts to establish her reign as Queen over all, but is eventually destroyed by Mekare, and the core of the vampires is stolen from her.

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Your Inner Vampire
First name
Shade of black
Favorite type of music
Type of chocolate
Your inner vampire sinks its teeth in its victim slowly and enjoys leaving elaborate "clues" for the authorities
Its voice holds a slight rasp
It is dormant because it is waiting for the right moment to emerge
Its teeth drip stinging juices that devour its victims flesh upon contact
Bloodlust - 100%
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