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A Message Toward the Visitors of my home page/The creators of IMVU

As most of you may already seen by the date I Frist joined IMVU I have been around for quitet awhile now. I and may others in my time have wittness the up raise of IMVU Single handly because people in its commuite decided to help make it. Either if it was for their personal gain, Or just simplely so they could make creidts and try to make it big in this lovely vitural soicality that we all adore and love. Without those people puting the time and effert to make products on IMVU, Then we would simpley be stuck with IMVU made products, made by IMVU It self. So I for one am greatful of those who are just starting off to try to sell there 1st products. To those high ranking creators who are deciated on makeing products. The moral of this message is that, I thank the all creators of IMVU And i hope you see this message., Thank you.
About me
- I dont see bias in peoples point a view, because thats walking that long lonely road we call igronence.
- I also enjoy devopleing off other products and try to make them different from the orginal in some matter.
- My Frieands call me a fun and loveing man with a sense of humor until business is called apond.
- If you invite me and I dont respond it is because of the fact that I am either createing or away.
- I do speical requests when I can
-I am in fact in love with rock music, I find a sense of nationalizm towards it and im proud to be a rocker.
- You will most likely find me at my Rock bar where i tend to relax, Give good advice, and oh yea.. And mosh out to rock music.

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