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Please call me Loudi
Any and all messages are appreciated.
However, if you're rude or hateful you will be blocked.

I will not accept random pc's.
I am mainly on IMVU to create.
If you have any questions please message me.

I met the love of my life, Casey
five years ago online.
Now we are happily married in real life. ♥

I am an extremely proud mommie
to our prince and princess.

Mommie & Daddy to three Angel Babies.

Sugaa. Casey.
Susie. Christina. Shay.


Q: Will you do me customs for free?
A: No, I do not do free art or free product requests. I give my all and it does take a while to do.

Q: What if i'm not happy with the final product?
A: If you're not happy with what I present to you then of course I will redo it. This is ONLY if you work with me. If you specifically ask for something, I give you a preview to it and you approve at the time, I will NOT redo more than 3 times. I of course will do my best to make you happy but not if you can't decide on what you want.

Q: You're so talented, will you teach me?
A: I will be more than happy to give you pointers and feedback on your art or products.

Q: What programs do you use?
A: I use very expensive programs from Adobe and also have a Wacom Tablet that I use. I suggest to download a free version of Gimp to get you started.

Layout is by;

* Full Fursets - Starting At 20k

* Additional Accessories - 2k-5k

* Hairstyles | Ears | Tails - 5k

* Digital Painting (DP Only) - 10k

* Animated DP - 15k

* Layouts - Starting at 30k

Anything Additional Not Listed
Please Message Me.

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