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IMVU isn,t separated from RL, don,t forget!!
Orientation: Straight
Looking For: Friendship
Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ! Hello Visitors of my Homepage! Due to changes in my job(I,m becoming head of the Foster-parents Departement in the christian Help-organisation I work for!), I will not be available online for chatting as I was used to be. Pls leave me a message if you want to meet me on here, and we,ll arrange something I will look on my Homepage regurarly and will try to answer the messages left there! So I,m still here on IMVU, just won,t be available as much as used to be in the past! May the Lord Jesus Christ Bless you, and may you be an blessing to those who cross your paths Jackthedutch
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fun, love, Friends, Libra, Chatting, germany, jesuschrist, fotographical
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