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After reading over a lot of the comments & messages sent to me, I want to thank those supportive individuals who have sent kind regards. For the rest of you, I believe all of the below still applies. Sorry it has to be this way.

It has come to my attention that some of my products are "not working" correctly. This is due to a change in how IMVU "puts together" the files when a Content Creator submits a product. Older items that were submitted sometimes have issues - and that is the basis of this update & the reason for my lack of activity within this service.

First, and foremost:

When IMVU allowed all users to try on products (even though several hundred of us had paid for the privilege with the "GOLD" status and NO - a badge is not worth what we paid!) - a whole contingent of creators stopped "giving refunds" - myself included. We do the best we can to fix the issue, or we make a replacement product, and sometimes gift it to people we feel who deserve it.

Insulting me is not the answer. The following are examples of what has been awaiting me in my messages and are the biggest reason I hardly log on now. Yes, people can and do get mean.

  • "You are only in this for the money, and I want mine back!"
    I am a hobbyist and texture artist in this service while being a professional web developer and ecommerce specialst. I have spent near $5k USD on IMVU since I began in 2005 to when I started slacking off in 2008. I have never sold credits - simply turned the credits around to submit more products into the catalog, AND make charitable items of which I put into the catalog at cost - or give away (thus spending my own credits). IMVU is a playground for me to vent my creative juices and exercise my budding 3D skills... nothing more. I don't even chat. Ask my sister - she's in chat all the time.
  • "You are responsible, you made it! You CCs are all the same!"
    To an extent, yes, I am responsible. However, I am not responsible for the software that allows you, the consumer, to use the products. Also, the products themselves (by nature and by statement within the IMVU TOS) are "owned" by the service (IMVU), so technically, your umbrage is with them, NOT ME!
    And no, not all Content Creators are the same.
  • "If I don't get a refund, I'm reporting you!"
    YES! Please do! And maybe IMVU will realize just how much the CCs mean to them and maybe we will get some of our creative rights back!
    "Report" me and any other CC as you wish. For the most part the fault is not with the CC, but with the "upgrades" to the service and the interface by which we build and submit and you play and buy in. Over the years, these upgrades have essentially broken hundreds upon thousands of products you don't even see in the catalog that were submitted in the early days of IMVU. For myself, I have hundreds of malfunctioning "projects" that are sitting in an archived hard drive because an "upgrade" ruined the mesh; an "upgrade" enforces hidden opacity maps; an "upgrade" is skewing polygons which stretch out of place. This is what a CC has to deal with every time IMVU "upgrades" the software that submits into the catalog, OR, "upgrades" the software you use to play in.
  • "You don't give a #### about your customers!"
    Quite the contrary. I care a lot for the "customers" who support my ability to give them more! I have gifted more product before I went inactive than I've ever bought for myself in all the years of being in IMVU just to replace broken items... That formal suit wipes out the brogue? I'm working on a new one (which will in the end cost MORE than the "broken" one) and will gift it to a list of users who bought the suite before Jan. 01, 2011. That mini-skirt doesn't quite cover your butt? IMVU changed avatar modeling (an "upgrade") and many old-time minis no longer meet the minimum requirement for coverage - making them AP only, or "ripping" the skirt cos' your apple-bottom got back! I cannot fix that, but similar minis are being textured that meet the guidelines and will eventually be in the catalog.
  • "I don't care if this is a hobby for you, I SPENT MY MONEY AND YOU'RE A THIEF!"
    On every clothing product I offer, I have the following statement: "TRY BEFORE YOU BUY!"
    That is a free service (one which I paid for back-in-the-day) for every user to try on what they may want to purchase. You can try on entire suits & outfits, with accessories and even match them up to items you already own. There is absolutely NO REASON you should buy something without trying it first! If you do, that is YOUR issue, YOUR misjudgment , YOUR fault. Take responsibility for your choices and actions....

With all that said, quit posting to my messages threats and insults. At least I am responding from time to time, taking into consideration IMVU's negligence and continued ignorance of CCs who have helped to build their service to what it is today. Even us little people who are hobbyists and rarely even log on helped make the community and the service what it is today...

I will do what I can as I can when I can. Do NOT expect more, do NOT demand my attention, do NOT harass me. I have a life, a family, a career. I strive to maintain or better the level of care I have in everything I do, but I do have priorities. Online communities are NOT high on the list.
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