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After reading over a lot of the comments & messages sent to me, I want to thank those supportive individuals who have sent kind regards. I used to have a really long rant here about so many of my products that are "broken" or "don't work with blah blah blah" and honestly, it was just so negative I decided to remove it.

Yes, some of my products are "not working" correctly. This is due to the years of changes in how IMVU "puts together" the files when a Content Creator submits a product. Older items that were submitted may have issues now - and I am doing my best to provide updated versions or look for new meshes to derive from. Not all Content Creators make meshes. I am simply a texture artist.

If you'd like to request something, or have some other comments, or just want to say "Hi," please visit my Group, aptly named "ZZZZ". I'll be posting updates on my products there.

Other notes:
  • I will not give refunds.
    When IMVU allowed all users to try on products (even though several hundred of us had paid for the privilege with the "GOLD" status and NO - a badge is not worth what we paid!) - a whole contingent of creators stopped "giving refunds" - myself included.
  • Try everything before you buy it.
    Since that is now part of the standard service, there is no reason to not try something on. If you don't, that is your problem.
  • I will do what I can as I can when I can.
    I do have a life. Please remember this is a hobby for me, not a business and no, I am not going to get cash for the products I list. I'd rather turn the credits around into more products for the catalog.
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I'm back and making new products. Specifically to replace a lot of the Celtic Heritage fashion lines that broke over the years. Thanks everyone for your continued devotion & support all this time.
^.^ Makes a girl feel loved!

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