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Hello I’m VonRuege/Rue/Averi, This is my imvu profile/homepage. This has all the things that you could find about me, my products, where to contact me, and any other information that you might need. Please follow the tabs above to navigate through my homepage.

I am an IMVU Developer (not a mesher yet), I make products for imvu for your purchasing pleasure. However, I am loving the people that buy my products I really appreciate it, and it helps me a bunch in real life (paying bills buying computer upgrades I need). I Create furries! And I am a proud furry myself in real life and on here (doesn’t mean I’m into sexual stuff with others but my mate in the future). However, I do make more than furries :).

The home Tab is to further welcome you and help you understand my products and where to find everything.
The About me page is all about me as a person and what I do, give you a little bit about myself.
The My lovely's Tab is for my special people in my life and on imvu.
Catalog Tab is an Easy way to get to my catalog webpage link.
F.A.Q is my frequently asked questions please check here before messaging me!
Deviantart, furaffininity and facebook are all link's for other pages of mine.
Contact is for contact information, with any possible way you could probably get ahold of me and how to.
Support is people that I personally support on imvu.
Thank you for visiting my Homepage!!


3-20-15 - New homepage available now yay!

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