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Love industrial, gothic, music, the world turns around by music
Relationship Status: Single
Looking For: Relationships
The dynamic book about transgender and change.
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First, I am male(yes.male, so not interested in guys) and I also go by Vivianne, or Viv. I live in New Jersey, would like to meet others here. Of course single. I enjoy spending time with a person doing everything from going out to staying in. I love to listen to music, and hear new music, photography, and going out like mentioned. I started to begin mixing and want to DJ. I love watching movies, play cards, and scrabble. Want to find someone who likes the feminine side. On a softer side, my enjoyed activities are dining, enjoying candlelights under the night sky, having a romantic time together, doing anything gothic or fetish related. Emotionally, I am a rose, delicate with thorns. I can be painful but a beautiful flower. As to sexual fetish, to the women I will spend my life with; I am open to all things just turn the key. I am very feminine and like things very feminine, and as I grow in that, my candlelight falls upon me shining a beautiful light.

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I am a typical person, who is very straightforward with my thoughts and opinions. I look like an angel, but I can be all rock and other cool stuff. This is partially me, not fully so there is a lot of surprises. Work is work but afterwards it is time to play. Check my tale, short stories, poems and other writings. I am a pink rose butterfly type of personality.

write me, add me, love me. Vivianne
My Myspace Profile http://www.myspace.com/mistressviviane

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