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In a RP - DND
Relationship Status: Married
Looking For: Friendship

My "T" thank you badge is only available to those who have gifted or purchased my products and are sent out every couple of days not right after the purchase. I use to write everyone personally but with limited time and those who have their settings to friends only I just grant people my badge with the thank you banner. My apologies if my sending it without permission has caused anyone any inconvenience and if you wish for it to be removed/revoked and don't know how I'll gladly do it for you.

I use IMVU mainly to meet new people and to take part in story and character driven rp's. Creating is a fun way to pass the time but if I ever get to choose between a really good rp where I can lose myself in a character vs creating I'll pick the rping any day of the week. ~lol~

I've been feeling inspired lately so just take a look at my profile status. If I'm creating but want or need a break I put "available" if not I put "DND" Do Not Disturb because it means that I'm on a roll. When I create I normally have 4 programs and windows going on at the same time so if you do message me my apologies if it takes me a bit to notice.

I finally have meshes to call my own again and they are in line with what I was creating before. Now if someone wants a custom or personalized scroll or bookcase texturing job I can do it easily. Though a custom texture or making a texture for you so that you can submit it yourself is always an option. Just ask as I'm really easy going. ~lol~

Like my products?  Help me out by sharing my banner if at all possible please.

Looking for mainly AP? Visit my husbands shop, more GA, fantasy and a mix of everything continue on to mine. 

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The video below pretty much sums up why I'm so easy with people just walking out of my life online.

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