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Welcome to my homepage! Please, stay awhile, peek around.
I hope you find whatever you're looking for. If you don't, feel free to PM me.
If you don't happen to be looking for anything, then enjoy browsing and I hope you have a nice visit!
Please, however, DO NOT add me if we have never spoken a word to one another. Thank you. (:


"Free Tilly!" and "Kissed by an Orca" badges made and sent to those who helped! <3
BACK TO SCHOOL! Probably studying at any given time... or sleeping.
Either way, don't expect to see too much of me for a while.
Updated my Peekaboo badge to a Valentine's Day themed image.
More to come soon, if the coming semester doesn't swamp me.

Updated my Boobs Badge and Peekaboo badge to both fit a Christmas theme.
I'm back for a little bit as the Fall Semester has ended.

Updated my Boobs Badge! to a Halloween theme: ZomBoobs! Whoo!
Replied to as many PMs as I could. School is still taking up nearly all of my time.
I'll try to get in on Halloween fun (cuz it's one of my faves!) but don't expect to see a lot of me here for a bit. Sorry!

The Fall Semester begins 8.26.
From that point on, I won't be around here a lot due to focusing on school and my career.
I will not be checking the gasr forum as frequently either, nor my deviantART account.
If you need anything urgently, I suggest sending me an IMVU Forum PM, as I receive an email notification that way.
Thank you in advance for your understanding. (:
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