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guess who's back =]
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It's been fun, but I have to take a break from imvu. I quit, but then so many people begged me not to I figured a break would be good. ^^ I'm still making products, and I won't quit, just a break. Thanks for all the support everybody!! I haven't made many products in a while, but I still am, I know I'll be coming back on IMVU in umm 3 months. I'm going on vacation, hehe, YAAAY!! LOL I LOVE VACATION! I'll be in europe for 3-4 months, when I get back, it's IMVU ONCE MORE! YAHOOO!!!!!!! Hello everybody. :) LOOVE to see people have been buyin my products. :) YAY!! Sorry if my friends 4got me or deleted me :( oh well luv all my friends, u guys rock :) :) :) Well, erm, i havent made many products since i was off cuz my comp was down. =.= oooof but omg my hair had erm 200 and something sales, :) :) :) YAY! Thanks to u guys supporting me. Ya rock! HELLO AGAIN!!! :) I've gotten so many new wonderful messages from really nice people, It's nice to know I'm not totally forgotten when I'm gone. LOL well anyway, thanks to all of you. Sorry I can't reply to you all, so if I don't reply to you, don't take it personally. I really appreciate you all. Cya! Hey, im in albania, i answered all or most of ur messages. Don't feel bad if i forgot one of u, i haven't updated my pg or pic for a loooong time. Thanks to all the supporters of my few products. Love u all! Woooow, lol now my hair products have sold a lot more, one is over 400! Wohoo!!! Oh yea, lol, if you leave a msg, I'll reaply, or try to anyway, but i want to make this perfectly clear, NO CHAIN MESSAGES FOR CREDITS OR WHATEVER!!! I have to say this, ppl that do that are lame wierdos because I DONT NEED CREDITS!!! Grr, stop sendin me them, chain msg = BLOCKED!!! Got it? I hope so, hmph! Half my mesages are chain and I can't read the ones that are actually WORTH reading.
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OK, Heya ppl, just some stuff i hope to buy, lol, if ya get me anything i'll appreciate it ^^ but ya dont have to, :P i can get them myself as well ^^ leave a msg, but NO CHAINS! Thanks ^^*~Singing~*
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