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read my about me first, please...
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Hey everyone! I'm Jane, I'm a mix of an enthusiastic, crazy, sweet girl and a very analytical and serious person. I really adore good food.. especially asian food.. ^^ I love listening music to relax, to meet friends and to talk about important but also about funny things..I really want to travel to a lot different countries and places in the world, I love to go for a walk with someone and sometimes I just love to be.. I understand german, englisch and russian. (learning also korean)

I don't like if people talk to me because they search a gf or because they search for a sexual conversation.
I'm really christian but I'm not interested in any religious discussion.
My favorite word is: international

So now after u visited my page it would be a pleasure for me to read a message from you.. - take care..

I'm not interested in any pervert - "hot" stuff or senseless talks so there is no need to ask me for credits or acting faked.

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