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To the one who's smile makes my heart freeze... and who's eyes can make my body melt. Who's touch can make the hours race, and who's embrace can make time stand still. To the one who's taken her time... and stolen my heart.
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With all due respect, dont waste my time


I suggest you read this before you try to converse with me.
I have no patience for idiocy. Therefore, if you are an idiot, don't talk to me. Do not treat me like a child; I graduated from Hogwarts years ago and am now twenty-seven years old. Do not speak about Potter to me. I am very aware of his existence and don't need some ridiculous fan girl gushing over him. No, I'm not saying that I have a problem with him, but hearing someone rant about a person I have no interest in is not what I consider an interesting conversation.
If you start a conversation and it hits a dead end, I will leave. Leaving a message is fine with me, and I might even message you back if I see fit. I am not completely heartless, however. I take pride in myself and how I act. I can be very polite, which I plan on being unless you give me reason not to. My wish list usually only has up to three items on it, and I usually put them there just so I can find them later. I will not be insulted if you don't send me a gift, believe me.
If in our conversation somewhere i mention something or it comes up, it does not mean I automatically want you to get it for me. I don't mind, but I hate the idea of people thinking of me as begging. I do have interests, such as reading, flying, studying the dark arts, I'm not afraid to say drinking, and yes, seeing as I am only human, women. Please, this does not mean that I want some idiotic girl flaunting over me. I enjoy speaking to women with class, a mind, and who can open their mouth when something needs to be said. I can also say that I am a gentleman. I have no intention of dealing anyone who can not spell (for example, nO tlkn leik DIs) or use proper grammar.
You spell MY just like that. MY. not MI. I can not tell you how much that annoys me. I'm interested in both men and women. If you have an issue with it I REALLY don't give a damn. And just because I am interested in both? I most likely won't like you anyway. I respect people unless they give me a reason not to, especially women, do not get on my bad side by talking about how much you love to use them. With that known, if you think that you can capture my attention for more than five minutes then feel free to try.


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