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United States - FL
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"Llama and Ray gun=Ninja Llama of uberness o_o"

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Hi! Im Sayumi. I like anything really colorful or anything I find interesting. I know, I have a crapload of stickers. Im not emo, scene, or anything like that. I dont have anything agaisnt it, but im just not it. They are STYLES, anyway. Styles dont make up a person. I know I sometimes in my pics or avi pics I dress scene-ish, and im dressing it cuz I LIKE IT. Okay, so I kinda dress scene IRL. Sooo? Im free to be me ;) Sayumi is not my real name, but why would you want to know my real name? ;)

I love all my friends and treat them like my family. Hurt them, and I hurt you.

Let me also just say that fugging chainmail doesent if you do it, you just wanna get banned ;) I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY dont like random group and friend really ticks me off. Get to know me first...and no, sending me one message asking to be friends and what my name is isnt talking to Dont be stupid >>. I hate when people talk like this: "NOO TH!Z FO HOT CHIKZ GONNA BE GANSTER YO"and all that other sh1t. Talking like that makes someone look stupid and gangster. Speaking of which, I hate "gangsters", "mafia", ect. because it's all very silly, and no one is a "gangster" unless you belong/belonged in a gang. And it dosen't make you look cool >.>. I also hate racists and people who hate others just because of the way they look, thier style or religion. It's stupid, really. I also dont like it when people randomly want to chat to me. It's extremely rare, and consider yourself lucky if I accept you random chat request (this does not apply to my friends =D). I don't accept chat requests from boys, under any circumstance. I've come across WAYY to many perverts on here, and I don't want to take any chances. Not that all boys are pervys, but still, I won't take the chance. I don't really talk to girls other than my friends, and I usually make the effort to get to know people. And if I DO accept your random chat request, don't be an ass and just leave without saying anything or punch me then leave (like I expirenced once on here by some bitch >_>). If you invite me to talk, then damn it talk! Why the hell bother inviting me to chat if your not going to say anything or be an asshole >_>. I'm not mean, but i'm really mean when it comes to handling bitches/bitchos =P. I'm a very sensitive person, and I can't handle talking about anything pain/blood related, sex, and depressing things such as suicide/death, ect. If you've actually read this far, i'm impressed o_o''. Don't be a stalker, or leave some rude-ass message like "OMG Your page is so fu**ing ugly! You stupid kindergardner!", ect. I will be a major bitch, trust me. I have gotten these messages before, and I have not been nice. '

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Relationship Status: Single
Orientation: Questioning
Looking For: Chatting
Special Someone
Your like my sister, my other half, my best friend. I love knowing your there when I need you. Im cool, your cool, we are awesome xD.

You are so sweet and colorful and happy, and fun to be around =D I hope we stay friends a long time! xD
What can't I say about you that's awesome? You're incredible, Scar! <3

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