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Avatar since: 01/11/07
Female Age: a number :P
Orientation: Straight
Looking For: friendships

Hello all,
I’m Loverly, and everybody calls me Loverly here as well.
As I hardly tell my real name, its just none of your business lol.
I’m from the Netherlands and although I do speak and type a decent word of English,
I don’t understand everything.
So please keep that in mind if we ever chat.
I might ask what you mean?? Or misunderstand you.
And I don’t RP here, im pretty antisocial and reclusive too.
Not a big fan of random chats. And im a lot in create/dnd
But if we ever chat I like real conversations about real stuff and getting to know people.
So keep that in mind if we ever chat:D
NO RP! And no imvu only!

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I don’t take request, im sorry.
Im always very busy and I also game a lot on my ps4.
But if you want something in just a other color, and/or maybe a other shape,
that’s no problem just shoot me a message.
(if the texture maps are the same, don’t ask for a RL shape
product to change to a Perfect shape product. Those maps are not the same)
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