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Half the words don't mean a thing.
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c; Agneau Hoovesc; Agneau Wrist Fluffc; Agneau Wrist Fluffc; Agneau Collarc; Agneau Tail 2
c; Agneau Fur Femmec; Agneau Horns 2c; Agneau Ears 2c; Agneau Wallettc; Agneau Hooves
c; Agneau EyesÊ Jul F Kini TopÊ Jul F ScarfÊ Jul F Sweater v3Ê Jul Sweater v2
Ê Jul F Hair v4a< Fluffur hair. FeҞ|Mikka Black[Nish] No.42 Eye Glow[Nish] No.42 Ears 3

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