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Avatar since: 04/04/08

Age: 49  18+ Age Verified Age Verified
United States - TX
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DJ Loqutis
Relationship Status: Single
Orientation: Straight
Looking For: Friendship
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(K) :PiCARO: Bundle/VI(K) :Va l Ve: Bundle(K) :DonoVan:Bundle/GA(K) Braiza1 Scren/RQ(K) :LEORIC: Pillows Tbl
(K) :LEORIC: Garden Set(K) :LEORIC:Relax Lounge(K) :LEORIC:PicnicPillow(K) :LEORIC:Tiki Torch(K) :LEORIC:Lamp Post
(K) :LEORIC:GardenLounge(K) :LEORIC:CafeTableAnm(K) :LEORIC:PoolSide-4P(K) :LEORIC:Pool Guitar(K) :LEORIC:ChatFloat-7P
(K) :LEORIC:Float Kiss-I(K) :LEORIC:Grill Anime(K) :LEORIC:HotFloatAnm1spacerspacer
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[LO][OB] Kirbia Black SN[LO][OB] Kirbia Honey[LO][K] LUC Black
[LO][K] Luc Mix Blond[LO][K] Luc Redburn[LO][DEV] Bailey PurpDew
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