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Welcome to my page.

My name is Link and I'm a genderfluid male happily married to my wonderful husband. My role play character is Link NightWolf.


BigDaddyBloodQuill is my hubby and irl partner. I love him more than anything and he has shown me how to be myself with no shame. I'm forever his.
This is ALSO a Role Play account for Link NightWolf.
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[L] Dark Auburn (M)[L] Black Bow Heels[L] Black Pattern Dress[L] Teal Polka Flops[L] RLL Polka Bikini[L] Denim Ring Choker
My Room

Daddy Baby1

My IRL partner. My hubby, my world, my everything. He doesn't mind my psychotic moods and I love him for it. My life has forever changed. I love you Daddy.


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