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My name is Link. I'm genderfluid and use both male and female avatars. I RP, own a modeling agency (Mermaid Modeling Agency) and run an AP dance club (Club Nocturna). Link NightWolf is my RP character and I like to play him from time to time. If you see me in my male avi, this is who you are speaking with. I'm married to BigDaddyBloodQuill and he is my IRL partner as well. I love him with every ounce of my being.

Link NightWolf is my RP character and I like to play him from time to time. If you see me in my male avi, this is who you are speaking with.

Daddy Baby1

My IRL partner. My hubby, my world, my everything. He doesn't mind my psychotic moods and I love him for it. My life has forever changed. I love you Daddy.

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