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[LL] Space Ace[LL] Libby Lips Mermaid[LL] Libby Lips Autumn[LL] Purple Rug[LL] Space Ace[LL] Holo Nails
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Lustrous DressK|BrattyUnicornHeadbandK|K*PastelBunnyGalSuitK|RL*SpringBreakBikini+ Eden +
+ Regal Slippers ++ Trini Shoes ++ Liza Dress - blue +[Ry] Bluewings[Ry] Meii Boots
[Ry] Liia Blue. 復古 '95 | holo crop⚓ Light Up LED Shoes⚓ Light Up LED ShoesKISA|SailorBlueTopSmall
Twinkle Ambient|K ❄ Xmas Window|K 🦄 Unicorn FrapK| Libby Blushing RedKISA|WrappingVinesRL

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