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Lady Arwen Norwen whose name means Royal Fire Maiden, is a Sindarin elf living in Lothlorien. Her liking to that of Lady Arwen Undómiel of Rivendell has gained her much popularity among her kin. However she is fierce in battle and loathes the small fact that she is deemed not fit to fight simply due to her gender. However, she doesn't allow this to stop her and on many occasions has gone into battle and although she's been injured, has helped her comrades become victors. Her age however is not known and for this very fact, is considered an Eldar Elf. Arwen's skin is tanned, her eyes are an icy blue, and her hair is a dark brown to nearly black. She stands at 6"7 and weighs roughly 116lbs.

Taken on this day, 11/01/17 by the love of her life. Her lord and king, the man who completes her, Lord Blood Creed of Gondor.

Arwen considers herself a loner, however the few friends she does have, she cherishes. She's had to suffer seeing many leave, so tends to block herself from becoming too attached. However, this hasn't stopped her from finding friendship in her two brothers.

Arwen's age is undetermined and is therefore considered an 'Eldar Elf'. This is an elf whose age can not be guessed but is someone who has seen many ages go by. Arwen's main choice in weapons include a sword, bow and arrow, and daggers, however she is trained in the art of hand to hand combat. Arwen has no known magical abilities save one; healing. Like Elrond of Rivendell, she is capable of healing nearly any wound, no matter how close to death the victim may be.
Mae g'ovannen Mellon!

Happily Married 11/01/17
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