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♥ Sup? Im Raven. This is my dev account. I have made one product, and Invader Zim voicebox called "Voicebox of Doom". Please buy it. My alt account is "ArizhelD" so go check it out when you get the chance. Im really lazy and I will probably be on my other account most of the time. Thankies to all my friends who have stayed by me for the god knows how many years Ive been here. Those awesome people are: PunkRockPrincess016, KittyCatt666, greenday214 and starshine243436. Many others have joined along the way but I remember these guys from the begining. Thanks for reading. Laters. ♥

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"Though we all change and move away over the years, Its always nice to return home to spend some time with the people you grew up with."
--a metaphor by LackofPaitents, aka immortalbanshee
fear all you dont know. trust me, theres a lot of it..and i dont feel like sharing.
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