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The World Is A Cold Lonely Place. Where Do I Fit?
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There are so many shards that make up who I am. My good qualities, flaws, talents, pain, pleasures, needs, wants, beliefs, and passions... all just pieces , pieces of a picture far to complex for one to just instantly understand or even see. Time is needed to put them all together, to appreciate each and every piece individually, and eventually as a whole. Everyday is a new chance to unearth another layer of my soul, to find things most would never expect were even there. I have lived an extremely long 19 years, I have seen, done, and lived through things most could never imagine, things that would break most people, beyond repair. I however like a phoenix, have risen from the ashes of my scorched world, time and time again. My scars do not make me who I am, for they are simply letters on the page of a story much to long and painful to tell, you may read them, but do not forget that those letters must make words, and in return sentences, all concluding to one thing, the person who survived. Beauty from pain, and strength from weakness. I'm an extremely strong personality, I am me, always have been, always will be. I'm extremely open, just a book waiting to be opened and read, I have no fear to fully reveal every detail of myself. Those who dislike that, well I have no need for you in my life ;D I have many skills, all in one form or another come down to making life as lovely as possible for myself and those I care for. I'm a down to earth, deep as the ocean, easy going, extremely open minded, accepting, fun loving crazy fucking bitch! I absolutely love to have fun and party with my bitches! My friends mean the world to me as the very few close ones I have are the air beneath my wings! There's nothing I love more than being outdoors! Come rain, snow, or shine! If I'm not hidden somewhere in the wilderness or the shore of a lake, perhaps I am enjoying just being with myself, writing, listening to music, or chilling on the ps3, and if not that, I'm shaking my ass at the club, or with some friends in my living room accompanied by a bottle of wine or vodka ;D! This bitch knows how to have a mother fucking good time!. period! I am very open and social with those who are deserving, I love to talk, and to listen, to be there for those who need me, and to connect on levels that most only dream of. Loyalty, trust, and honesty are at the core of everything in my life, Those who are vapid and lacking of substance have no place around me, emotionally, intellectually, or physically. Feel free to message me if you think you can handle me ;D xo Joey ♥
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