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Rawr! Who doesn't love a blonde bimbo ;D?
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Orientation: Gay/Lesbian
Looking For: Friendship
hey sexies ;P whats up aye? u can call me joey (: i'll most likely call u bitch, whore, slut, cunt, cookie, babe, hun, sweety, darling, and my child (: mawhaha well im crazy, random, odd, funny, a whore, slutty, and magiccccccccccc (: magic is my word btw it means beautiful+awesome+yay :) u will hear me say that alot "cough" i mean see me type that alot lawlz i'm gay and if you don't like it you can just give yourself a dirty hitler (: google it :) google is my best friend :D im blonde as a mofo (:I'm platinum blonde BITCH! and my mind matches my hair. (: i'm super nice :D as long as u don't piss me off (: we will b fine :) but if u do haha b ready 4 hell 2 open up on ur front door step :D well thats all (: buh byee sexies xo <3
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hehe i love gifts :)
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